Enrollment Help Page

The following help page gives a step-by-step overview illustrating how you can invite participants to enroll in Pavia Systems training courses after purchasing seats with your account.

Pic Not Available 1.) From the 'My Pavia' page, click the 'Enrollment Manager' icon from the 'My Account' menu .
Pic Not Available 2a.) To invite participants to enroll in a course, click the 'Invite Others' link.

2b.) If you haven't yet enrolled in the selected course, the 'Enroll Me' link will appear enabling you to directly enroll.

There are 2 ways to handle inviting participants to enroll in online courses. You can select either 'Individual Enrollment Invitations' or 'Multi-User Enrollment Invitation'.

Individual Enrollment Invitations

Pic Not Available 3a.) The first method is much more secure and is the recommended method. With Individual Enrollment Invitations, each invitee will receive a unique invitation in an email generated from Pavia Systems to ensure that the seats purchased are used by the intended party.

4.) After selecting the Individual Enrollment Invitation method, enter each invitee's email address in the text box, separating the addresses with commas as shown here.

5.) The 'Message' text box allows you to enter a personalized message that will be included in the enrollment invitation email sent to all the invitees.

6.) The 'Invite in group?' check box should be left checked if you want the invitees to be part of your organization's training group, allowing the invitee to access group-specific announcements. Having an invitee asssociated with your group also allows you to track the individual's progress and performance within the system.

The 'Send Notification' check box should be left checked if you want to receive an email notification when your invitees enroll in this course.

Multi-User Enrollment Invitation

Pic Not Available 3b.) Another option for distributing enrollment invitations is the 'Multi-User Invitation' method. Using this option, our system will generate a single invitation which you can copy and paste into an email that you send directly to one or more individuals for course enrollment. This is convenient if you want to forward the invitation to a group of participants using a mailing list that you already have setup. This method, however, is not as secure as the 'Individual Enrollment Invitations' method.

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